Ecstatic Breathwork

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Yoga Teacher

Special Class mit Jennifer Witte

Jennifer is a mindfulness and nutrition coach and has been supporting more than 500 individuals 1:1 during the last 10 years. Her video-series on intuitive eating and more have reached about 20,000 people. Breathwork is her passion to dive deep into the subconscious, let go of limiting beliefs and create a more fulfilling life.

This conscious connected breathwork session will take you to non-ordinary states of consciousness where you may encounter ego death, self-realization, trauma release and sensations of connection to this world and the beings that share it. You will be guided through a 3 part breathwork – combined with supportive music and a deep meditation in the end. This might not be the average type of breathwork you’re familiar with. We’ll be combining conscious connected breath with breathholds and sounds. It’s recommended to only eat something light 2 hours prior to the session.

Please get approval from your doctor first if you experience one of the following: major trauma, a serious illness, clinical anxiety, panic attacks, psychosis, increased intraocular pressure, high blood pressure or pregnancy.

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Always from 19:30 until 20:45 o´clock

We are looking froward to share our yoga space with you.

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