Asana Movement Lab

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Special Class with Ana Clara Montenegro

Deepen your Yoga practice in this exploration of body, movement, and breath. In this series of workshops, you will focus on conscious exercises that develop alignment, restore energy, and create more fluidity in your practice.
Each class focuses on a specific region of the body, allowing practitioners to go deeper into the postures and sensations that involve this region. You will have a curious look into Asana and breathwork, taking time to investigate different approaches to the postures, with hints of somatic techniques that release tension and create more ease. You will learn how to improve simple movements that bring more fluidity to your regular practices as well as your daily life.

The series is open to all levels of Yoga and movement experience.
It especially welcomes those who are curious about the subtle mechanics of movements, and who want to deepen their body awareness.

A workshop format class, with different focuses on different dates:

28.04 – Asana Movement Lab: Open wings (arms, shoulders, chest) – From 16:30 until 17:30 o´clock.

We are looking froward to share our yoga space with you.

Mindful Life Berlin

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